Our products are derived exclusively from Southern Yellow Pine sawmill residues and are all processed and packaged on site in our mill in Allendale, South Carolina.  We can make small or large orders of the products listed below and can package them into consumer ready packaging, bulk bags or load trucks for bulk sales.

ENplus® A1 Pellets

Certified pellets for fuel available in bulk on trucks or containers for export markets.  Screened to eliminate dust, less than 10% moisture content and more than 7500 BTU’s per pound net energy content.

Industrial Fuel Pellets

Industrial fuel pellets are available in bulk for export markets.  We have access to bulk loading facilities in Savannah, Georgia and can efficiently truck pellets from our plant to the port for efficient ship loading.

Equine Bedding Pellets

Equine bedding pellets are made of kiln dried, southern yellow pine sections that have been hammer-milled to provide the ideal size for moisture absorption and then screened to eliminate dust.  It will absorb up to five times its original volume in liquid. This economical and environmentally friendly product is easy to spread in the stall and removing clumped material is easy and efficient.


Cobble is available in two sizes; large for kitty litter and small for chicken bedding.  Both are available in consumer packaging or bulk; please contact us for specifications or to make an order.